Everyone wonders which blockchain solution to use,
but nobody asks if it is a real need

For many, but not for everyone

Not because it's exclusive, it's because of its nature.
Blockchain is perfect for tracing a production chain, a land registry, payments.
Wherever it is needed that the writings history of an archive remains memorized and immutable over time.

In many cases, however, blockchain is superfluous or even harmful and we are here to help you understand


We develop Blockchain and Smart Contracts applications


The best blockchain and smart contract projects are developed in collaboration with a Swiss Partner
leader in Europe, with documented experience and listed on CoinMarketCap

Our Solutions

By working with us you will benefit a turnkey project management service that can offer you discounts that you would not have access to, as well a third party in the optimization of budgets and in the choice of technical solutions

Production Chains

Development of blockchain solutions dedicated to the tracking of production chains.

Blockchain for Cryptocurrencies

Development of new blockchains dedicated to the placing on the market of new tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Existing Blockchains

Development on existing blockchains (such as Ethereum or EOS) for the issue of new tokens in the crypto market.

Smart Contracts

Development of any type of Smart Contract on existing or newly created blockchain infrastructures.

Payment Gateways

Development of payment gateways in Bitcoin and main cryptocurrencies for e-commerce and marketplaces.

Lightning Network

Development of payment solutions based on Bitcoin's Lightning Network technology.


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